Object Affinity Projects facilitate personal, affective and subjective encounters with museum objects, and finds ways to make manifest these encounters. Started as an experimental series of interdisciplinary workshops, the project has grown to explore  ways to move from university to public engagement. At the heart of Object Affinity are the following questions: What do these…

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Choose Your Own Ashmolean Adventure: Stories in Stone This isn’t an ordinary virtual museum experience. While you will learn about various objects, what is important here is what they mean for you: How do they make you feel? What do they make you think? We invite you on a journey across cultures and through time…

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Past Projects

Object Affinity started as a pilot workshop series in the spring of 2014. With postgraduate participants from across Oxford’s Humanities and Social Sciences Divisions, we used the display of lekythoi vases in the Ashmolean Museum to find common ground between our various research interests. We met twice. In the first session we heard from two…

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